US Patent
Robotic System for SPECT Imaging
Inventors: Mohammad Reza Ay, Mohammad Hossein Farahani, Saeed Sarkar, Behnoosh Teimourian Fard, Salar Sajedi Toighoun, Sanaz Kaviani
A robotic arm, movable in three rotational degrees of freedom has a base end and a distal end supporting SPECT imaging detectors. A patient support assembly is movable in a linear degree of freedom. A controller causes the robotic arm to move the SPECT imaging detectors, in three dimensions, around the patient.s body to obtain SPECT images. The control causes the patient support assembly to move along the linear degree of freedom, maintaining alignment of the patient.s body with the SPECT imaging detectors.
US Patent
Desktop open-gantry SPECT imaging system
Inventors: Navid Zeraatkar, Mohammad Hossein Farahani, Mohammad Reza Ay, Saeed Sarkar
An open-gantry structure of SPECT imaging system for scanning human small organs or small animals and method for preparing the system is disclosed. The system contains an imaging desk that one or multiple detector heads are rotated around the object to be scanned while tilted under the imaging desk and dedicated image reconstruction algorithm was developed for the system in case of applying single pinhole collimator.
US Patent
Processing architecture for high count rate spectrometry with Nal(TL) detector
Inventors: Mohammad Hossein Farahani, Salar Sajedi Toighoun, Mohammad Reza Ay, Saeed Sarkar

Abstract: A new system and method for medical image processing using a nonlinear recursive filter are disclosed. An input signal including two or more pulses received from a medical imaging system is sampled at a predetermined sampling rate. The maximum magnitude, i.e., peak, and/or the occurrence time of the maximum magnitude of the first pulse of the input signal is/are determined using a nonlinear recursive filter. Predicted magnitude values of the tail of the first pulse can be determined and subtracted from the input signal to correct for pileup before determining the maximum magnitude and/or occurrence time of the next pulses. A medical image can be reconstructed using the determined maximum magnitudes and/or the occurrence times of the maximum magnitudes of the pulses of the input signal. The nonlinear recursive filter can be implemented using one or more look-up tables. 

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